Flying Tiger Freighter Site Photos

Authors Nicholas A. Veronico, left, and Ed Davies display a number of artifacts found at the Connie crash site.
Veronico holds the fuel tank cap and the blade antenna can be seen leaning against the door.

Photo By Ian E. Abbott

The Connie door rests on Sweeney's Ridge.
The door and other large pieces can still be found in the thick underbrush.

Photo by Ian Abbott

Another view of the Connie door showing the outer fuselage skin and locking handle.
Photo by Ian Abbott

This gear section was found partially buried on the hillside.
Rumors persist that one of the Connie's engines remains on the far side of Sweeney's Ridge.

Photo by Ian E. Abbott

This section, possibly from the flaps or wing area, is nearly three feet long.
It was found 100 yards from the top of the hill.

Photo by Ian E. Abbott

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