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Check links below. Still Under Construction. Check back often.

Welcome to the virtual Museum of Aerial Gunnery.

Originally, I began looking for World War II aircraft crash sites in an effort to find parts for my turret collection. Those explorations and how I obtained the information formed the basis of Wreckchasing: A Guide to Finding Aircraft Crash Sites.

The turret collection is now based in Stockton,California, at the Stockton Field Aviation Museum ( -- click on the museum's link).

I have begun working on my turrets to get them ready for the Stockton Field Aviation Museum's Aerial Gunnery Symposium. Check their website for details about the event. As I get my turrets in viewable shape and I get time to provide content for this site, I'll post more photos and information.

If you have turrets, turret parts, gun sights, etc., for sale or trade, please contact me. If you were an aerial gunner, I'd like to hear from you and thank you for what you did for our country.

Follow the links below to see photos of various aircraft gun turrets. I'm starting with the turrets in my collection first, however, I do take requests. Also, I do have spare turrets for sale or trade. I'll be adding technical information soon.

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