United DC-6 Crash Site Photos

The view of Hayward, Calif. from atop the crash site
Photo By Nicholas A. Veronico

Nicholas A. Veronico, left and Ken Miller, holding an aircraft magneto, inspects parts of N37550.
These pieces are located more than three-quarters of a mile from the point of impact on the far side of Dry Gulch Canyon

Photo by Ian Abbott

Doug Scroggins holds up two undamaged cups, and a slightly damaged bowl that was discovered at the site.
A portion of serving tray, left, bears the United shield of the period.

Photo via Doug Scroggins

In remarkable condition, this cocktail shaker was discovered at the site.
Photo by Doug Scroggins

One of the engine oil coolers.
Photo by Doug Scroggins

The badly twisted radio case still has the UAL data plate riveted to it.
Photo by Doug Scroggins

Bob Swanson located a number of engine parts in Dry Gulch Canyon.
Photo courtesy Ian Abbott

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