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Wreckchasing Links

  • AAIR: Aviation Archaeology Investigation and Research is a fantastic site! Order your military crash reports here. Visit a number of high-profile crash sites, too!
  • Arizona Aviation Archaeology: Visit Trey Brandt's excellent site on crash sites in Arizona.
  • Aviation Archaeology in the Mid-West: Tim Heck's site of local crashes.
  • Wreckchaing in Maine: This web site and crash site are definitely worth a visit.
  • Crash Sites in Southern California: Chris Killian has posted photos of the many sites he's visited. Killian gets around and has some interesting wrecks posted.
  • Don's Aviation Archaeology Page: Don Jordan has teamed up with noted aviation archaeologists G. Pat Macha for the 3rd edition of Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of California. This site has a number of stories promoting the book. When you visit, please sign the guest book.
  • G. Pat Macha Aviation Archaeology: Pat Macha has been visiting aircraft wrecks the world over since the mid 1970s. Pat's books are a must have, and his site is well worth a visit.
  • Lost Birds: Discover aviation archaeology through this organization's quarterly magazine. Back issues are available. Watch for their forthcoming television show.
  • Oklahoma Wreckchasing: Jeff Wilkinson has located a number of fascinating wrecks in the Southern Plains States.

    Resource Links

  • Associated Air Tanker Pilots: Honors air tanker pilots and provides excellent information on aerial firefighting aircraft.
  • FlyPast Magazine: Visit the favorite magazine of the staff!
  • Landings: The busiest aviation site on the web. Visit for aircraft registration information, photos, and a variety news sources.
  • Prop-Liners of America: Site for Prop-Liners of America, a volunteer organization to promote the restoration, exhibition and display of propeller driven airliners at airshows and open houses throughout the continental United States.
  • U.S.N. policy concerning aircraft wrecks.: View the Navy's policy on lost aircraft and ship wrecks.

    Aviation Book Dealers

  • Aero Vintage Books: The best site on the web for B-17 and B-25 information.

    Air Racing Links

  • Warbird Aero Press: Visit this site for the best in all color air racer profile drawings.
  • Pylon One: Your stop for up to date air racing information and links.

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